From Loreto the real Made in Italy that conquests the World

Antica Calzoleria Loreto is the brand of real leather belts with inimitable qualities of fabric and resistance to time.

Born from the ancient Loretan craftsmen, these belts represent the Status Symbol of those who want to dress in fashion without sacrificing the quality of the product and the craftsmanship.

Today Antica Calzoleria Loreto creates and sells its belts globally, and with them the real Made in Loreto.


The belts of the Antica Calzoleria Loreto are handcrafted one by one, just as it has been done for centuries, in accordance with the best Loretan artisan tradition.

Fragments of Art

The Antica Calzoleria Loreto belts represent real, unique and unrepeatable art artifacts. Each creation has the signature of the uniqueness of the work of the Loreto master craftsmen.

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